Black Protein Snack is our new high protein beef snack packed with flavour. Perfect lifestyle snack for the modern day person.

Using the finest Australian beef steaks, we marinate them for 24 hours to develop that special flavour you would love after which they are hung to dry in a controlled environment to remove excess water and thereby giving it a high protein to weight ratio. After air drying, they are picked carefully and hygienically, sliced and ready to be enjoyed any time of the day. Available fresh from selected stores and pre packed for on the go snack.

Black Protein Snack is of extremely high quality and suitable for everyone. It is made from the finest ingredients which include: Beef Steak, Black Pepper and Coriander. The end result of our delicious Black Protein Snack is a mixture of rich nutritional content giving an excellent source of protein, fewer calorie, low in carbohydrates and no chemical content.

Our Black protein is a tasty natural substitute for protein shakes, powders and other low carb meals. So, if you are looking to provide your body good energy and quick recovery, and also a way to stay healthy and fit, try our Black Protein Snack today and you will be glad you did.